Our favourite zookeeper experience is

Shadow a zookeeper in Hertfordshire

This zookeeper experience is our favourite for a number of reasons. It comes from one of our favourite experience day providers, who are a great company that have some good deals. Everyone we’ve talked to who has been on this experience has had an amazing time – But here’s why we love it:

We love the zoo – it’s a lovely place in Hertfordshire about 15 miles north of the M25. The zoo isn’t much smaller than London zoo, but it’s not as cramped, and many of the animals have bigger enclosures. It’s a friendly zoo that specialises in this sort of experience, so they really know what they’re doing.

We love the animals – They’ve focused more on the smaller animals here, so while you haven’t got any giraffes or elephants, you’ve got plenty of monkeys, lemurs, zebras, red pandas and that sort of thing. They’ve got a great collection of big cats, but you don’t get hands-on with these on the zookeeper experience. They are however worth a look when you’ve finished your session shadowing the keeper.

We love the price – Coming in at under £200, this shadow zookeeper experience is fantastic value for what you get. At that price, we think it’s the best zookeeper experience on the market.

Shadow A Zookeeper For A Day Picture Virgin experience days Logo  Shadow A Zookeeper For A Day £199.00
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