Shadow a zookeeper for Christmas

How can you get a present that’s truly original? A Christmas gift that they’ll love and will really remember? Obviously, we’re going to say get a zookeeper experience, but we can back it up with reasons too.

We think the zookeeper experience is a perfect Christmas gift, and here’s why:

If someone likes animal experience days, then shadowing a zookeeper for the day is a real experience to remember. As an event, it’s something to look forward to, and then look back on after they’ve done it

Compare this zookeeper day to other experiences

The cheapest, at £169, is a really nice experience, and not badly priced. Compare it to a driving experience and you’d get about half an hour in a Ferrari. Compare it to a trip away, and by the time you’ve paid travel and hotel costs, you might get a night away in London, but then you’d have to pay for entertainment on top.

Compare this experience to other presents

£170 will get you a nice hamper from Marks & Spencer. A small TV – maybe 22 inches, or a really nice pair of jeans and a shirt. But they wouldn’t get you many brownie points from an animal lover. The beauty of being a zookeeper for a day is that it’s an experience that lasts all day, and gets you really immersed in the job.

And after all that, if they’re not happy with your gift, you can go on the experience yourself!