The locations

For some reason, all the locations of these zookeeper experiences are down south, mainly around London.

Of course, there are several experiences available at London zoo, including the new group experience, where a small group of about five people enjoy a shorter experience together.

As you know though, the experiences at London Zoo do stand out,¬†mainly because of the price. It’s certainly a famous zoo, but when we’ve been on these London experiences, we’ve felt they’re worth the extra price.

We’ve said it before, but why not shadow a zookeeper on your own, just outside London, for a whole day, if it costs the same as the group experience at London zoo?



The experience we really love, and always go on about, is the shadow a zookeeper experience at the Paradadise wildlife park in Hertfordshire. Take a look at more information about the park here

But don’t buy the experience direct – you’ll be paying ¬£30 more and you’ll need to book a date right away. The deal from Activity Superstore is cheaper, and you can book your date afterwards. This makes it perfect if you’re buying the experience as a gift