Zookeeper for a day at London zoo


A zookeeeper for the day feeding a hungy giraffe

If you’re looking for a zookeeper for a day experience, and you want the best, this is a real contender. It’s at the world famous London Zoo, with it’s massive range of brilliant animals, and it’s a full day of zookeeping fun.

The main thing you’ll get from being a zookeeper at London zoo instead of the other options , is the size of the zoo, and with that, you get more animals.

That’s not to say that the other experiences you can get are no good, it’s just that with Giraffes, Rhinos, lions and tigers, there’s a whole different type of animal than you get at the smaller zoos.

What can you expect as a zoookeeper at London zoo?

So what happens as a zookeeper at London zoo? Keepers can do everything from feeding giraffes, cleaning the penguin pool making the rhino’s beds and getting a closer look at the big cats. It’s not a day of cuddling furry babies and stroking animal’s ears (although there is plenty of that too) It’s quite a bit of work.

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Hard work?

Well not really hard, but you’ll work up a sweat shovelling straw and carrying heavy buckets of food – it’s what real zookeepers do, so it makes sense that as a zookeeper for a day you’ll be doing it too. When we went on this experience we worked up an appetite, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way because it’s really the only way that you can learn more about the animals.

And you look at rhinos differently when they’re lying on a bed you’ve just made for them.

One-on-one with the animals?

This is a group experience, with to five people taking part every day. It’s nice to have other people to enjoy the experience at the same time, and five people is just about right. Any more and you’d struggle to get time with all the animals, but we didn’t find it a problem at all. A professional keeper leads the group, giving information about the animals, and handing you over to other, more knowledgeable zookeepers whenever their expertise runs out.

So do we reccomend this experience?

We certainly do! If you’ve got the money, or if it’s a present for someone who really REALLY loves animals, then we’d recommend this zookeper day like a shot. It’s the most thorough experience you’re going to find through the big experience day companies and it’s an undeniable introduction to what life in a big zoo is like. We’d go back again tomorrow if it wasn’t as costly – for a big gift or to treat yourself, London zoo is THE place to be a zookeeper for a day.

Terms and conditions

There are a few things to bear in mind before you buy – things like what days you can apply to be a zookeeper, and opening times, but they’re all on the Virgin Experience Days website.

So how much is it then?

At the time of writing it’s £270 – that’s a big price, but it’s a big experience. If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth going to London zoo.